Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Martin O'Malley's Tax Alphabet Soup

The sheer number of tax and fee increases under Governor O'Malley is astonishing.  I could make several bowls of tax and fee alphabet soup, but decided to make just one.  Amazingly I was able to find a tax for almost every letter of the alphabet.  Which one is your favorite tax or fee increase?

A - alcoholic beverage tax increase of 50%

B - Birth Certificate fee increased 100%

C - Certification fee for vehicles increased by 100%

D - Death Certificate fee increased by 100%

E - Electricity rates increased to subsidize off-shore wind farms

F - Fishing license increase of 100%

G - Gas tax that is regressive to re-fund the Transportation Trust Fund that he depleted

H - Handgun licensing fee

I - Income tax increase to middle-class Marylanders

J - we're not Joking, this is a lot of taxes.

K - estimated number of people Killed in Maryland since O'Malley became governor is 2,500.  That's 2,500 people no-longer paying taxes.

L - license plate fee increase of 100% for vanity plates

M - motor vehicle dealer processing charge

N - Non-cigarette tax increase of 100% on snuff and cigars

O - Out-of-State Attorney admission fee

P - property tax increase

Q - Quit taxing us so much or we're moving to Delaware.

R - Rain Tax

S - Sales tax increase of 20% when he took office

T - toll increases of 33% at bridges and tunnels in Maryland

U -unclogged - 29,579 miles of roads that have not been unclogged despite O'Malley claiming he supports investments in public transportation.  No new public transportation projects have been completed since he became governor.

V - Vehicle Registration Surcharge

W - Wholesale tax to gasoline that was newly applied

X - x-businesses in Maryland total 3,500 since O'Malley became Governor.

Y - Yikes, more taxes are on the way if Tony Brown becomes Govenor.

Z - Zebra tax - 200% increase in tax to transport zebras across state lines. (not real)

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