Monday, July 29, 2013

Ocean City - Are We Done?

I'm back!  We just returned from our vacation to Ocean City, Maryland.  And might this be our last trip to Ocean City, Maryland?

As always, we rose early, much to the chagrin of my kids.  We were out the door at 5:30am.  That's 30 minutes later than when I wanted to leave.  But that's okay.

We crossed the Bay Bridge at 6:30am, with no cars being plowed over the side and into the bay like the previous night.  One of my coworkers got stuck in that mess the prior night and didn't reach Ocean City until 4am.

Several years ago we told my son that he couldn't fish off of the Route 50 bridge until he was 11.  Now he's 11.  And he remembers.  So we fished off of the bridge twice.  We also fished the inlet once and surf fished once.  Here are some of our prizes.

I caught this red drum on Friday night.  It was 18 inches long.  The best part of this is that the handle on the reel broke as I was reeling him in.  As you may know, the bridge is about 20-30 feet above the water.  I used my hands to pull the line in.  It was definitely worth the prize.  Once I got my photograph, I tossed him back to his waters.  I spoke to some people about this catch.  They couldn't believe I tossed him back, as he was a keeper.  What was I to do with an 18 inch fish on the last night of my vacation?  I threw him back hoping to catch him again next year when he's 25 inches long

Ocean City seems to be known for its flounder.  I didn't catch any, but my son caught at least 4.  Nasty little things they are.

We both caught a whiting.  Lame fish.

And my son caught this toad fish.  This one was pretty big, probably about 6-7 inches long.  His jaws are strong enough to take off your finger.  And break through clam and oyster shells.

We both caught plenty of black sea bass, the blue gill of the ocean.  I caught a really big spot fish and my son caught a few small ones.  Additionally, he caught a horseshoe crab and 2 blue crabs.  Overall, it was a good week for fishing.

Other than our fishing, the only other notable topic is the boardwalk.  Oh, the boardwalk.  We stick out like a sore thumb.  OR - we stick out like the white people without tattoos, who aren't morbidly obese, and we don't smoke and we don't cuss our mother f*****n mouth off all the mother f*****n time, you dumb mother f*******r.  The Ocean City boardwalk is NOT a family-friendly place to be.  They can campaign all they want, but it's just not true.  It's a haven for thugs and ghetto mentality.  It is not where you take children, is unless you want your kids to cuss and get tattoos and learn to act like a mother f*****n jackass.

The beach - EVERYONE seems to smoke at the beach.  And what is the appropriate thing to do with cigarette butts?  Throw them in the sand, of course.  That is unless you're in a parking lot or on the street.  Then you try to see how far you can flick it.  I went for a jog one morning and I saw a elderly Dundalk woman from hell with tattoos smoking and flick her cigarette as I was about to pass her.  As I ran by I hollered, "You dropped your cigarette!"  She looked at me and said, "f**k you, you mother f*****n a**h**e!!!"  Yes.  I am the bad guy here.

What is going on?  Is this the MTV generation taking over?  It's like they have their own Ten Commandments - Be rude to thy neighbor.  Smoke a cigarette.  F**** you!.  Let's eat some more.  How 'bout a tattoo, hon?  Turn your hat sideways.  Smoke another cigarette.  Pull your pants half way down your ass.  And cuss some more.

I told my wife that we need to start looking into somewhere else to go on vacation.  Somewhere out of state.  Outer Banks?  Myrtle Beach?

Where do you go on vacation?  What are your thoughts on Ocean City?  Is it as bad as I perceive it to be? Should I be spending my money somewhere else?


Brian said...

Went to Bethany and it couldn't have been a nicer, more family friendly experience. I've never liked OC...was always a dump in my eyes.

Meand3Jays said...

I'm really surprised you didn't comment on the new million dollar toll to cross the death trap, er, I mean bridge. We just got back from a week at OC and I share your sentiments. The inlet is unbearable, the boardwalk is atrocious. We stayed in a pricey townhome a little higher up and still managed to get robbed of over $300 worth of boogie boards. I could live the rest of my life and never visit the boardwalk again. We did a week in OBX about 8 years ago and it was boring. There is literally nothing to do. Restaurants were perfectly meh, at best. Cape May? Ugh. Beautiful homes and quaint little town but the people? There are no words. I really can't recommend where to go, only where NOT to go.

Brewtime said...

OBX is great the whole idea of vacation is to decompress.

Matthew Sedgley said...

We go to Chincoteague is. I like it as it is quiet and I can never spell or say it correctly. Even if I do I dont know it.

Murfy said...

If we stay in Ocean City, we drive to Fenwick or Bethany to go to the beach. Is that sad?

Other than what you mentioned about cussing and drunks at 8pm (I walked with my kids and told my husband we are not coming back ever again on the boardwalk with kids) we saw a mother who had her 10 ?year old (older than 8 I would guess, as I have a 6 year old) on a leash. When the girl got tangled up in the leash, the 'mom' would punch her. Same thing with the 'woman' that was with her. Tried to even FIND a police officer to tell them, and then we lost the 'mother' and little girl. I pray for that little girl

After that NEVER EVER walking on the boardwalk again. My kid didn't need to see that. It was horrible. Who does that? Hopefully my daughter wasn't scared by it, but I will never set foot on the boardwalk again (again - NO POLICE OFFICERS ANYWHERE - other than the 5 talking to the drunk we passed 2 hours earlier)

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