Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mayor Rawlings Blake - Ignore the Facts!

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake either has a short memory, is ignorant, or chooses to ignore the facts.  Baltimore County State Senator Patrick McDonough recently challenged the mayor to a debate to discuss the recent rash of youth violence against white residents and commuters.  She decline to debate and instead responded with a rash of blatantly incorrect and misleading information.

Her response to the debate request was, according to, ""Delegate McDonough should debate himself and his Republican colleagues who supported deep cuts to the police department and cuts to gun prosecution as part of the state doomsday budget."

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What the honorable mayor seems to have forgotten, or conveniently left unsaid was the fact that the "doomsday budget" was a plan created by Maryland Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley and his left-falling cronies in the Maryland General Assembly.  Seriously, in the Maryland Senate there are 12 Republicans in a body of 47 senators.  In the Maryland House of Delegates there are 43 Republicans in a house of 147 delegates.  To state that the Republicans in Maryland have any say in any of the policies and laws is an absolute joke.  To say that the Republicans are responsible for the doomsday budget is an intentional attempt to mislead the public.  Any law that passes needs the approval of the majority of Democrats.  There is no possible way that the Republicans in the Maryland General Assembly could have passed a "Doomsday" budget that did not win the approval of the Democrats.  There simply is not enough of them to make a difference in the vote.

But you have to admit, it makes for a great sound bit on the evening news.  And fortunately for Mayor Rawlings-Blake and the Democratic Party, most Marylanders are too stupid or closed-minded to realize or appreciate that the information she gave is entirely inaccurate and misleading.  Therefore, the Doomsday budget and the subsequent tax increases and tax pass-thoughs are the fault of the Republican Party.

Regardless of how silly Pat McDonough tends to be, you still have to tell the truth.

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