Saturday, June 09, 2012

Eldersburg K-Mart - Closing on Sunday!!!

This weekend is a sad day for Eldersburg.  The long-time stalwart tenant of the reliable and consumer-friendly Carrolltown Center will be closing.  After about 35 years, K-Mart is closing its doors on Sunday and hundreds, if not thousands of people will lose their job and join the throngs of Maryland's unemployed, thus further stymieing Martin O'Malley's desire to brag about Maryland's thriving economy.

Who are we kidding?  K-Mart has not served Eldersburg since Wal-Mart opened in the mid-1990's.  It's antiquated shopping model is a dinosaur, the check-out lines out-dated and inefficient, and their products unwanted by consumers.  Yet sadly, all 5 people that work there will be without work.

Hopefully, (before the "support the failing businesses" crowd attacks me) Black Oak Associates can kick-start its redevelopment plan into gear, tear down the mall, and put a high-quality (notice I said high quality rather than the ambiguous and meaningless 'quality') shopping destination in its place.  And a thriving shopping establishment will employ more than 5 people.  So while they may be unemployed for the short-term, a new facility will bring temporary construction jobs, modern and more pleasing shopping center, and hundreds of permanent retail and management positions to the area.

I will say that I'll miss the folks standing on the corner of Route 26 with their big signs on a stick waiving to people to shop at K-Mart before it closes.

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Kent Allard said...

I understand where you're coming from, say what you will, but I still feel for those people who are loosing their jobs. Would I want to work there? Nope. But I don't think the people working there were doing it because they wanted to. The times I did go there what I noticed is that a lot of their employees were older folks. I don't think they'll benefit from anything Black Oak ASSociates has planned. I also doubt we're going to see another shopping center there. If I were a betting man my money would be on them building "townhome style condos" like are already there across Ridge Rd. So we'll go from a riff raff magnet shopping area, to riff raff magnet residences.

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