Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Potpourri

I don't have enough to say about any one item, so I decided to touch lightly on a few topics.


Today the Supreme Court upheld most of the provisions of the healthcare legislation that was passed.  Democrats are celebrating it as a victory for government mandated interference in private lives.  Republicans seem to be mostly upset, but are cheering Chief Justice John Robert's comment that the individual mandate is tax levied by the Congress, and thus a weapon the Republicans can use to oust Democrats in the House and Senate in this year's election.  Energize the base with a hot-topic and they will come out to vote.  Just ask John McCain.

The only thing that I really care about is maintaining the striking of the pre-existing clause and the lifetime cap on insurance.  Having a child with cancer will change your opinion on that real quick, or at least make you more aware of it.  My 4 year old daughter should not be punished for life when it comes to health insurance.

Should health insurance be extended to "children" up to age 26?  Perhaps if those "children" are still in college, but if they are not in college I think they should be out in the workforce getting their own insurance - or in this case, they can sign-up for the government-mandated insurance plan.

Carroll County Incinerator

The Carroll County Commissioners unofficially declared that their partnership with Frederick County on a government-subsidized trash incinerator is over.  They did say that Frederick County is free to explore other options.

I'm not educated enough to have a valid opinion, but I think I can have a reasonable opinion.  If the government is going to be in the business of running a trash incinerator (and I really don't think it should), then it makes sense for a rural county like Carroll to collaborate with another county, such as Frederick to get the job done.  You know, share the costs.  This opportunity does not exist with our other neighbors - Howard County and Baltimore County.  Do you really think they'll want to cooperate?  Of course not.  They don't like us.  Just ask Bobby Zirkin.

I was told that there other viable options, but I'm not sure what they are.  Another landfill?  Where?  Reuse the trash elsewhere to generate electricity?  Dump it in Liberty Reservoir?  I think that's the best option.

What do you think Carroll County should do?


It's been a tough week for the Eludius family.  My daughter broke the tibia in her left leg a few weeks ago.  We attribute this to one of the drugs used for her chemo to battle leukemia.  Sadly, on Tuesday she fell again, this time breaking both the tibia and fibula in her right leg.  She was in a lot of pain this time and cried a for 2 days, even with the medication.  She hasn't eaten much in the past few days.  As she is totally immobile for the time being, we were able to acquire a wheel chair, and as far as wheel chairs are concerned, this one is not that bad.  It folds (unlike the one we previously got from the Lion's Club), it has adjustable leg rests, removable arm rests, and wheelie bars in the back to prevent backwards flipping.  Though as nice as it is, I hope my daughter recovers quickly and we can return the wheelchair.

And she's feeling better now.  In case you were wondering.

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Kent Allard said...

I read the post about your little daughter the first day you posted it. I was at a loss for words. I still am honestly. All I can say is that I've thought about that post everyday since reading it. I'm not a parent myself, but it really breaks my heart to know your little one and your family are going through that.

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