Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Baltimore Sun - SMALLER and smaller and ......

For the past several years the Baltimore Sun has been laying off people left and right. Gone are many of the local writes, the political cartoonist, some of the editors, Michael Olesker and more. Now The Sun has announced that is it laying off MORE people. They noted it as buying out contracts. It's all the same - they're getting rid of staff.

In an article that appeared in many local papers, The Sun is looking to buyout 20-25 people. Among the expected casualties will be two columnists, two critics, an editorial writer, two copy editors, two design editors and a photographer. I expect in their place will be articles written by the AP or other nationally syndicated writers. Of course, these writers will focus on issues on a national level and will totally ignore local issues. The empty positions will possibly be filled with three monkeys, an bag of potato chips, and the Perry Hall high school newspaper staff.

What in the world is going on with the newspaper business? We all know that advertising revenue is shrinking like crazy. And The Sun has a horrible reputation of being a bias, pro-liberal newspaper. They endorsed Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend, for crying out loud! I firmly believe that if the devil was a Democrat, The Sun would endorse him before they would endorse a Republican.

Before long, The Sun's competition will no longer be The Washington Post or New York Times. It will be The Advocate, The City Paper, and some blog named VoteNoMalley. Imagine their disgust when they lose out on the Pulitzer prize to some college kids writing for UMBC.

I cringe for the day when there is no longer any local coverage and in-depth investigative reporting. The politicians and greedy businesses will have a field day as they know no one will call them out on their shenanigans. Is there an answer? I'm not sure. What do you think?

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Chris said...

The paper itself is getting smaller and smaller. Hate to say it but the only reason I get it still is because I read it while I'm on a stairmaster or elliptical. Especially when they can't be bothered to deliver it with the previous nights baseball scores in it anymore(those games that end at 11pm must be too late for them)

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