Thursday, April 05, 2007

No Illegal Child Left Behind

So HB6 (House Bill 6) went up for a vote to allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition to attend Maryland colleges and universities, snuffing out Marylanders and other U.S. citizens. 81 of our most stupidest delegates voted in favor of the bill, including these more stupider delegates: Victor Ramirez, Charles Barkley, Barbara Frush, Jim Gilchrest, Sheila Hixson, Nancy King, Sam Rosenburg, Melvin Stukes, Jay Walker, Jon Cardin, Herman Taylor, Jr. and our ever-robust and delirious speaker, Michael Busch.

Fortunately, there are some intelligent delegates out there that voted against this bill, including Susan Krebs, Joseph Bartlett, Gail Bates, Wendell Beitzel, Emmett Burns, Robert Costa, Donald Dwyer, Barry Glassman, Rick Impallaria, Wade Kach, Jim Mathias, Susan McComas, Pat McDonough, Warren Miller, Donna Stiffler, and Nancy Stocksdale. In fact, 20 Democrats realized the insanity of the bill and joined the Republicans in voting with some common sense.

Our jacked-up governor, Martin O'Malley, says that he supports criminal activity, especially matters involving illegal immigrants, and will sign it if the Senate approves it. It is rumored that if the bill passes and O'Malley signs it, the next step will be to provide in-state tuition for terrorists, murderers, communists, Nazis, Jew-haters, atheists, transgendered, and global warming alarmists, regardless of their state of residency. However, future bills being considered would deny in-state tuition to smokers, people that eat food that contains trans-fat, Christians, Republicans (which would deny in-state tuition to every person living in Carroll County), people born in wed-lock, and home-owners.

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