Thursday, March 29, 2007

O'Malley is on Crack!!!

Evidence is just pouring in. There's no way to deny it. Any rationally thinking person knows it to be true. Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley is on crack. How else can you explain the litany of events that have occurred in the last several weeks? John Grisham couldn't even come up with this stuff on his own.

Save the Criminals!
O'Malley's first "What the hell" is when he said that we needed to show some individual human dignity to thugs who shoot grandmothers in the head while their grandchildren watch on, because the death penalty is inherently unjust against criminals. O'Malley seems to believe that unwanted babies are disposable, but he sure loves his criminals

Let 'em Vote!

Speaking of criminals, O'Malley is getting ready to sign a bill that will allow convicted felons the right to vote, especially if the want to vote democratic, which most of them do. This pushes the Democrats closer to their dream of a lawless society.

Let 'em Go to School!

Speaking of criminals, Martin O'Malley backs a bill that will allow illegal aliens (these are people that came to this country illegally!), the right to attend Maryland public colleges paying in-state tuition. These are people who do not pay taxes, because they cannot obtain a social security number if they are illegal aliens, in order to pay taxes in the first place. These are people who are criminals that should either be deported or imprisoned.

Everyone Voted, Especially People From Baltimore!

Speaking of criminals, Martin O'Malley and the Maryland General Assembly are against a bill that would create a paper trail for the Diebold voting machines. Why would need a paper trail? No one would break the law and vote twice or use a dead person's name? Surely not the good unemployed people of Baltimore, where Parris Glendening received more votes than there were registered voters.

Good Job, O'Malley

Gonzales Research and Marketing Strategies released a poll today that showed that O'Malley's job approval rate is 52%. Oddly enough, this is about 10 percentage points lower than Bob Ehrlich's approval rating when he left office. So the people that like Ehrlich, but voted for O'Malley, don't actually approve of O'Malley's performance? Here's one of those "you get what you asked for" kind of deals.

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