Friday, February 09, 2007

Colder than El Nino

Deep Freeze

Global warming is upon us. The affects are devastating. In upstate New York, for example, global warming has dropped six feet of snow, with most places expecting 2 more feet this weekend. Mount Washington in New Hampshire recorded a windchill of -75 degrees this week. Baltimore has seen temperatures this cold in a couple of years. On Monday, it was a frigid 8 degrees when I left for work. On Tuesday, I awoke to 6 degrees, a full 25% colder than the previous morning. I am not sure how much global warming I can take.

It must be noted, however, that the coldest temperature recorded in the state of Maryland so far this year is Martin O'Malley's personality.

Good Bye Vickie Lynn

On Thursday, plump and obnoxious Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith was found dead. Smith was best known for being really stupid on her E! television show and pretending to look like Marilyn Monroe. There are several things that may have contributed to her death. She was taking Trimspa and there have been many recorded side effects. She also gave birth several months ago and may have died from a blod clot relating to the cesarean. Or she may have been knocked off by the ghost of J. Howard Marshall III, the son of the oil tycoon she married, who died 14 months later. The son, E. Pierce Marshall passed away last year.

Smith had been fighting for the estate of the rich oil tycoon she married when she was 26. He was 89. The estate was valued at $1.6. She claims that being married to her gave the Howard the best 14 months of his life and she deserves the money. These were the days before Viagra, so this is hard to believe. Ba-dump. Thank you, I'll be here all weekend.

Additionally. there has been no confirmation if Elton John is going to be performing Good Bye, Vickie Lynn.

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