Thursday, June 05, 2014

New to Randallstown - 7 Mart

I don't know about you,  but this seems like a blatant rip-off of 7-11.  This "store" opened in the little shop across the street from Ward's Chapel United Methodist Church.  Since we've lived in Eldersburg, this spot has been a wood furniture store, a fly-by-night mattress store, and an office for the Maryland Department of Transportation while they were building the road rage lanes at the intersection of Liberty Road and Ward's Chapel Road.  I understand from some of the older folks in town that this used to be a grocery store.

According to the Maryland Property Database, this structure was completed in 1947.  Oh, to go back in time.


kaniwa zackhof said...
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kaniwa zackhof said...

Reminds me of the super 7's in PA

Eludius said...

Ha! I've never seen a Super 7. Slight rip-off.

Vanessa said...

I just wanted to say the Karate studio next door is cheaper than most and great with kids.

Semen Rendi said...

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