Thursday, June 26, 2014

Carroll County Commissioner Primary Election Results

The 2014 primary election was held this week and the Carroll County Commission will look a little different next year.

In District 1, it appears as if our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did not want Robin Bartlett Frazier to win reelection.  The now lame-duck commissioner made headlines by praying to Jesus before every meeting, which to me makes it sound like she hates Jews and other non-Christians.  Robin Jesus Frazier was defeated by Steve Wantz.

District 2 saw Richard Weaver win the primary in a race to replace Haven Shoemaker, who sought a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates.

In District 3 voters learned that incumbent Commissioner and Board President David Roush lost to challenger Dennis Frazier.  District 3 encompasses the Westminster area.

District 4 saw Richard Rothschild get re-elected.  Many moderates considered Rothschild to be in cahoots with Robin Lord and Savior Bartlett Frazier in pushing extreme conservative issues, such as reducing the size of the government, with no regard to the impact on services provided by the county.  County parks?  Screw them!  Sewer and water distribution - not important! No taxes?  Ahem, Amen!

In District 5 incumbent Doug Howard easily won over the suspected Frazier and Rothschild-funded right-wing challenger Cathey Allison, who billed herself as a true conservative, which many take to mean one that prays to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ before meetings and wants to eliminate the government entirely.

Are you satisfied with the results of the County Commissioner primary elections?

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