Sunday, June 08, 2014

Memorial Day Parade Salute

This is one of those 'better late than never posts'.  My daughter got the opportunity to walk in the Westminster Memorial Day parade this year.  My other kids were out and about with better things to do, so I sat by myself in front of the Edward Jones office on Main Street, while my wife walked with my daughter.  Unfortunately, I forgot my real camera, so I had to take pictures with my iPhone.  I was fortunate to be downwind of every smoker in Westminster.

For the novice parade watcher, you need to understand that a true Memorial Day parade is when politicians ride in cars and wave their name in your face and tell you to vote for them.  Oh, and then we salute the soldiers.  But best of all, there are fire trucks.

The parade was led by Westminster's finest, a 2005 Ford Interceptor.

I think most people in Carroll County know Haven Shoemaker.  He's currently one of the commissions for the County Council.  He's running for state delegate in a crowded District 5 against Carmen Amedori, incumbent Donald Elliott, incumbent Susan Krebs, incumbent Justin Ready, 21 year old Joshua Stonko, and Kevin Utz.  There are some Democrats running, but Martin O'Malley condensed all of the Republicans into as few districts as possible, so the odds of a Democrat winning are about as good as me winning a belly dancing competition.  This is God's country.  And God likes Republicans.  Or so Robin Frazier tells us.

Note that Commissioner Shoemaker is looking away from me.

Nothing says you love your country more than painting the American flag on your car.

If I had my Nikon, I would have been able to get more details, but I cannot zoom in too much to read the details of this antique fire truck.  Anyone know what it is?

I think this fire truck is even cooler.  There are nothing but ladders on this long truck.

Did I mention the military?  These fine soldiers represent the 29th company of the Maryland National Guard.

Here is delegate Justin Ready.  Note that he is looking away from me.  I've met him and he's a really nice guy.

Here is current state delegate Susan Krebs.  Note that she is also looking away from me.  Krebs is our current state delegate, but with O'Malley's new map, she'll be mashed up in District 5.  Eric Bouchat with the rumored tumultuous past is the leading candidate to pretend to represent this end of South Carroll.

I think this was the only modern fire truck in the parade.  This is Pleasant Valley's 1991 Spartan Saulsbury.

And last, but not least, is Commissioner Robin Frazier.  Note that she actually looked at me.  She then told me to pray to Jesus.

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