Thursday, March 13, 2014

Maryland State Senate Democrats Hate the Environment?

It what seems to be a total reversal of perception, the Maryland State Senate voted along party lines against an amendment that would protect funds dedicated to the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay.  The amendment was submitted because the Maryland General Assembly has raided over $100 million from the Chesapeake Bay Trust Fund over the past 5 years.

The surprising aspect of this move is that the amendment was sponsored by the evil Republicans who hate the environment, minorities, and poor people, yet it was rejected 100% by the compassionate party.  Specifically, the amendment was sponsored by Republican Bryan Simonaire of Anne Arundel County.  Only in Maryland can a party get away with actions like this and get reelected by the same people whose views they are dismissing.

If this continues, Marylanders who rely on the water for their living may have to do something else, like work for one of the many Maryland-based companies.....oh, wait, there aren't that many Maryland-based companies anymore.  Perhaps they'll have to work for one of the hundreds of non-profit organizations in the state that don't pay any taxes, thus reducing the tax base to pay for everything else in the state.

To top it off, stated that State Senator Thomas V. "Mike" Miller called environmentalists 'whackos'.  How out of touch is this guy?  He sounds like a stodgy disconnected Republican from the 1960's who would encourage companies to dump their toxic waste into our water streams.  Seems to me that a statement like that would disenfranchise the 67% of Marylanders that are Democrats, and probably the +90% of Marylanders regardless of party that actually care for the environment.

In case you forgot, Democrat Mike Miller is the same guy who said that he was going to bury Republicans 6 feet under and face up so they can't come up for 20 years.  Do these sound like the encouraging words of a leader of the Maryland State Senate, or the words of a raving mad man?  It amazes me that good folks of Prince George's, Charles, and Southern Anne Arundel Counties continue to vote for this lunatic election after election.

If you ask me, it isn't the environmentalists that are the wackos, it's the leader of the Maryland State Senate.

working boat on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland

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