Thursday, March 13, 2014

Main Street Eldersburg is Now Eldersburg Station

Black Oak Associates announced that the Main Street Eldersburg project will now be called Eldersburg Station and will focus on a 10 screen movie theater and restaurants.

The reason for the change is the continuing down economy.  We are now in our 6th year of a down economy, 5 of those under Obama, but it's still Bush's recession according to Martin O'Malley. Black Oak Associates has made this decision for what it feels is best for Eldersburg based on our appetite for retail and entertainment.

Don't confuse Eldersburg Station with Carroll Station (Wine Cork Pub), or with Eldersburg Marketplace (Home Depot), or with Eldersburg Plaza (Oscar's), or with Johnsville Station (Ledo's Pizza), or Liberty Station (former Little Professor), or with Monroe Station (Serra Brothers).  Seems that Eldersburg is running out of combinations for popular names for shopping centers.  I can't wait for the Eldersburg Liberty Market Station Plaza Nail Salon.

With regard to the new plan, Dixon Harvey said that they are aiming for a Spring 2016 opening.  Knowing the lightening speed which Black Oak and Dixon Harvey operate, I think what Harvey really means is that we should expect a Fall 2027 opening.  I expect to watch Men in Black 13 there when it opens when I'm in my mid-50's.

Additionally, how are they going to fit in a 10 screen theater?  If you look at the map on the Baltimore Sun's page (top link), the footprint of the building is about 1/3 of the footprint of the current Wal-Mart.  I supposed each theater could have 100 seats, 10 rows of 10.  That may be comparable to the old Tollgate Movie Theater in Bel Air for those of you who remember that.  Again, I think Dixon Harvey and Black Oak are way too optimistic for their own good.  Good intentions, but too optimistic.

What are your thoughts on this new plan?


Kent Allard said...

How much more (of the same redundant crap) can they squeeze into Eldersburg?

Does anyone exactly what's going on at the intersection of Raincliffe/Sandosky and 32 in Sykesville? They appear to be making changes to the road and intersection, but I can't find details on what the plan is.

Ryan said...

Ryan homes had a contract stating that after a number of homes were sold they had to pay to improve the intersection. That number was reached and here we are.

Kent Allard said...

Ok, but exactly what are the improvements....details? Thanks.

Eludius said...

Kent, I "think" they are widening the intersection so that vehicles can turn right off of Raincliffe onto 32 and they're improving the sight-lines (SP?) as that's a decent sharp curve coming up on the light from the north.

Kent Allard said...

Thanks. They REALLY need to have dedicated left turn lanes with their own signal lights going on both Raincliffe and Sandosky for making lefts from either onto 32. Its a mess the way they have it now and just an accident waiting to happen.

Unknown said...

Eldersburg station comments may be premature..

Raincliffe/Sandosky- yes, widening for left/right turn lanes at each entry point to the intersection. See here...

Steve Wallace said...

Interesting that the site backs up to the current Walmart. Since that store will be moving I'm curious if BlackOak will do some sort of drug deal to take possession of the old Walmart site and include it into this new property. Just can't see a 10 theater complex on that little bit of land.

Just speculating….

Kent Allard said...

Liberty Rd through Eldersburg is starting to look like Snowden River Parkway in Columbia or Route 40/Golden Mile in Frederick. Ugh!

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