Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Fishing Report - Piney Run Park

I can't seem to convince my son that fishing in January is not very effective.  We've been to Jonas Green Park in Anne Arundel County.  No fish.  We've been to Loch Raven Reservoir in Baltimore County.  No fish.  Today we went to Piney Run Park in Carroll County.  The park is technically closed.  Not closed enough to walk around the barriers to entry.  No fish.

Much to my son's chagrin, the entire lake is frozen.  For giggles we cast our lines out onto the 300 acre ice cube.  The metal sinkers sounded like firing laser beams as they banged against the ice and slid farther than we've ever cast before.  We were able to poke a hole in a section close to the shore, but the water was only about 4 inches deep there.  It certainly was pretty.

Despite what we've learned in the past couple of weeks about fishing in January, I fully expect my son to ask if we can go fishing again next weekend.  Because it will be February.  And that's a new month.  And I'll probably take him.


sevin said...

Teaching your son to trespass? NICE!!

Brittany Mayne said...
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