Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Closing in Owings Mills - China Best

Another icon of Owings Mills is closing.  In the ever-changing landscape of moderately priced indistinguishable ethnic restaurants, we are bound to see the demise and consolidation of the industry into an even more enigmatic buffet of choices.

China Best is best known for their lunch special, the endless sushi bar, where you can eat as much moderately to not so moderately tasty sushi, plus a small variety of bland soup, toasty egg rolls, and dull main dishes.

You never know what you're going to get there.  Sometimes it's okay.  Sometimes it's terrible.  We went there last week and the combination of the surprising announcement of their closing and the unexciting food made me vow that I most likely would not return, one by choice and the other by fate.

This is the sign on the door announcing their closing.  It looks like the closing date has changed, so we'll see what the real date is.

When I was leaving I wished the older lady much luck and enjoyment in her retirement.  She said she wasn't saying good-bye because she'll see us next time we come before they close.  Slim chance.  I seriously doubt that the food will get better between now and closing.  On the contrary, I would expect it to get worse as they reduce their inventory, the good stuff going first.

Regardless, we wish the family much happiness in their retirement.

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Kent Allard said...

"You never know what you're going to get there. Sometimes it's okay. Sometimes it's terrible."

Lol. Ok. I don't know, maybe I'm just weird but if eat somewhere I prefer to know what I'm getting and it to actually be good if not really good to excellent. Okay to terrible...Chinese? Er You do some dangerous living man ;)

"Clearance Sushi" Mmm mmm. Have it all haphazardly thrown on a table for you to pick through like a Kmart Blue Light special back in the day. Heheh

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