Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Eldersburg National Night Out

I went to my first Eldersburg National Night Out this year.  The event previously had been held at the Carrolltown Center, since they weren't using their parking lot for anything.  I read that there was no electricity available for them to use this year, so the event had to be relocated.

I read that it was being held at the Sykesville Freedom Fire Department fair grounds.  I drove by last week to check out the fields because one of my kids was to have a soccer practice there.  To my surprise, there were two excavators and a bulldozer in the fields with a wide ditch running from the far end of the field to the fire department.  How in the heck are we supposed to play soccer there?  And have a National Night Out?

Today I was surprised when I arrived and the ditches were filled and covered with straw and quick-grow grass.  The construction tractors were moved to the side.  And the parking lot and adjoining fields were full of cars!

Like a little kid I was immediately drawn to the Sykesville Freedom fire trucks.  Here's the new 2012 Pierce Pumper.  I've seen this truck pass us on the road.  It has some serious lights on it.  Strobes, colored circling lights.  You can't miss this monster coming at you.

Here's one of the Sykesville police cars.  This thing looks like a real bad ass.  The best place to find this car is sitting at the bottom of the hill on Raincliffe Road and at the intersection Obrecht Road and Wimmer Lane doing radar.  If you're doing 25.1 miles per hour, they will nail you.  I know it drives people nuts, but I go like 19 mph on those roads.  And it's always good to smile and waive as you're driving by.

Here is a 1957 Ford Sykesville Police car.  Back in 1957, you could see this car sitting at the bottom of the hill on Raincliffe Road and at the intersection Obrecht Road and Wimmer Lane doing radar.

Here is Carroll County Sheriff's obligatory Mobile Command Unit.  All jurisdictions throughout the country are required to have one.  I'm sure this was obtained with Department of Homeland Security grant money.  This vehicle comes in handy at the 4th of July parade in Westminster and at events like National Night Out.

Are you old enough to have watched M*A*S*H?  This is a 1953 Dodge mobile hospital truck.  This thing is in great condition.  Alan Alda was not to be found.

Here's a partial ensemble of the Sykesville Freedom Fire Trucks.  Note the first responder ATV12.

Here's the 2007 E-One Pumper.  I think I went for a ride in this fire truck for my son's 5th birthday.

National Night Out was entertaining.  I saw Carroll County Commissioner Doug Howard, Maryland State Delegate Susan Krebs, former candidate Larry Helminiak, several of my friends, and Sparky the fire dog.  We got free pencils, entered plenty of raffles, got free tea from Starbucks, and a free hot dog and soda from the fire department.  I was pushing my daughter in her wheel chair and she said she wanted a soda.  The fire department was requesting $1 to purchase a soda.  I told my daughter that we had to go back to the car to get my wallet.  I then heard one of the fine firemen say, "Don't worry dad.  What would like, sweetheart?" (obviously to my daughter, not me)  Thank you!  Support your local fire department.  Please make a donation.

Here's a picture of the fire department's rebuilding efforts.  If you recall, the reception hall burned down in that huge snow storm several years ago when the weight of the snow collapsed the roof and it sheered the gas light, which ignited and burned it down.  The new hall seems bigger and more aesthetically pleasing.  I look forward to when it opens.

Did you make it out to National Night Out?

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