Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Closing in Eldersburg - Shopper's Food Warehouse?

The latest rumor I heard today is that Shopper's Food Warehouse, better known as Shopper's, will be closing in the Freedom Village Shopping center.  This news, if true, should not shock anyone.  Of the four current grocery stores (not including Wal-Mart), Shopper's is by far the least busy.  It occupies the former Martin's Grocery store site, which, in its new site, is by far the busiest grocery store in Eldersburg.

If the rumored Super Wal-Mart gets built at the current Carrolltown Center, that would have been a death knell for Shopper's, and possibly Safeway, too.  Safeway, by the way, had 12 pack cans of soda on sale for $4.99, save $3.99 per box.  How in the H-E-double hockey stick is this a sale?

Have you heard the Shoppers rumor?


Kent Allard said...

Haven't heard that rumor, but it wouldn't surprise me. As you mentioned, the place is usually pretty dead. I go in there sometimes when I need something quick and don't feel like dealing with Martin's. Then I get in there, they don't have what I need, and I end up at Martin's anyway. If the Randallstown Magnet, er I mean Super Wal Mart, goes in Carrolltowne I wonder what will go in the vacant Wal Mart?

Eludius said...

Someone said Target will go in the empty Wal-Mart, but I don't buy that argument. As you've said before, there are 4 Targets within 30 minutes in any directions.

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