Sunday, January 30, 2011

P Stands For....

My three year old daughter has been learning her letters and their sounds. Additionally, she's grasped the concept of rhyming. She's starting to figure out by the sound what the first letter of a word is. And as every parent will tell you, 'my child is really smart'. In fact, listening to the helicopter mom's at school - 85% of all children are above average.

The other night I decided that to save some time, I would put her in the shower with me rather than giving her a bath of her own. So you know what's coming - she points and says, "what's that?" "It's a penis." "What does penis start with?" I pause. Quick-quick-quick. So what do I say? "Um.....usually a dinner and a movie."

The next day my son is on the laptop looking up planets. "Guess which planet I'm looking at now? Venus!" My 3 year old responds, "I know what rhymes with venus!!!"

Later, she picks up my son's Star Wars light saber and holds it between her legs. "Look, I have a penis!!!"

Oh, boy!

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Charm City Kim said...

This story just made my day.

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