Sunday, June 27, 2010

Owings Mills - New Roads - Pictures

Now that I'm back from vacation (more on that later), I want to complete some unfinished work.

I had hoped to have pictures of the new Dolfield Road ready soon after I posted my original piece a while ago, along with some pictures of the new Owings Mills Boulevard extension.

Well, here they are. This is a view of the new Dolfield Road bridge. It's very pretty. Fortunately, progress was made despite the protests of the NIMBY's. Click on the picture for a much more detailed view. I took this as a 5MB resolution.

Here are some pictures of the construction occuring at Lyon's Mill and Owings Mills Boulevard. Nothing too exciting, but we'll have the "after" pictures in due time.

Okay, I thought I had another one, but I can't find it. Maybe later. But you can see that most of the trees were cleared. There are now (or were prior to going on vacation) about 6 tree clearing pieces of equipment on the site. I'll find out tomorrow what it looks like now.

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