Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ocean City Air Show 2010

After hearing about the Ocean City air show from my in-law's last year, my wife and I decided to go this year. We made reservation for both Friday and Saturday, figuring we'd go down on Friday night after work and stay until Sunday afternoon.

Russian Yak-9

My sister-in-law later informed us that my niece's high school graduation was also Friday night, so we canceled our Friday reservation so that we could see her.

Sunday morning we woke up at 4am and packed my Honda. And let me tell you Jane Fonda doesn't have a motor in the back of her Honda. We got on the road a little after 5am. We do this because without a doubt if we leave after 6am we get stuck in traffic. We crossed the Bay Bridge a little after 6am. We pulled into Easton at 6:30 ready for breakfast. I was wondering if anything would even be open yet. Traffic was building and the sun was up, so otherwise it looked like the middle of the day.

Air Force Thunderbirds

We got some Burger King to go (took way longer than it should). Did you know that nearly everyone that works at the Burger King in Easton is Hispanic? I didn't realize that the Eastern Shore had a significant Hispanic population. I thought they all lived in Anne Arundel County and in White Marsh.

I just missed the F-18 that flew over at this point.

Back in the car we hull out of Easton while slamming our over-priced greasy food. Outside of Salisbury everyone fell asleep. Even me! I got behind someone on Route 50 who was taking the speed limit literally. And another person directly next to them in the slow lane was going the same speed. This kept up from the Shorebirds stadium all the way to Berlin. It was absolutely ridiculous. You would think that if a big old SUV was 2 feet from your bumper flashing his lights and swerving from side-to-side that you would understand that you're going way too slow. But not this moron.

A C-5 Galaxy fly-over from Dover Air Force Base.

We pulled into Ocean City a little after 8am. We parked right on Coastal Highway near 7th street. We walked for a bit on the boardwalk and finally decided that we would take our stuff to the beach and set up for the day. I heard it was senior week, so I wanted to get a good spot before all of those gray-haired retirees got on the beach. Much to my surprise, I was surrounded by hundreds of 18 year old girls in bikinis, not a bunch of seniors!

I loved this woman. She looked like she was ready to give birth on the beach. Her belly was peeking out of her tankini. Tell me this isn't cute.

One of about a dozen aerobatic fly-arounds.

Another plane passed right by us and I again missed the shot.

Several planes flew by. They had nice tail fins. But these girls got in the way. Speaking of tail fins....

Check out the Coast Guard ship patrolling the waters.

Here's another good shot of the Coast Guard ship. It was patrolling to keep recreational boaters away from the zone.

As you can see there were several boats on the horizon. Many boaters went out into the ocean to watch the show. I bet it was a great view from out in the ocean, but I have to admit it was also a great view from the beach.

Again, the seniors turned out not to be 65 and older. Too bad.

Some Navy Seal parachuters landed just beyond these umbrellas. I missed getting their picture.

Though the view from the beach was good, I'll have to admit that these 'seniors' had a potty-mouth. F-this. F-that. I wanna **** you tonight, baby. Good, Lord. Time to get the children off of the boardwalk.

We stayed until 7:30 on Sunday evening, but didn't leave before we got some Candy Kitchen, Dolly's popcorn, and some new Reef's from K-Coast. We got home a little after 10:30 ,but would have made better time if we hadn't gotten stuck at the Bay Bridge for an accident that had already been cleared, but the impact to the traffic was already done.

Overall it was a good time and I can't wait to go again next year!

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Charm City Kim said...

You are incredibly creepy.

When I was at the beach in May, Jeremy pointed out some old guy snapping photos of ME in my bikini down by the water. I noticed him snapping pictures of my friend. Then I watched him snap pictures of a bunch of young ladies in bikinis and it made me want to take a scalding hot shower to wash away the ickies.

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