Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shio-Bhan! Shio-Bhan!

Sometimes I crack myself up. And sometimes I like to share what gives me the giggles.

Most of my family and friends watch American Idol. I loathe the show. Let's put a bunch of mostly egotistical eccentric "artists" in front of America and have a panel of dawgs and has-been's to critique them. I just don't care. Don't care! However, since my family likes to watch it, I am pretty much forced to watch it, as well.

My friend over at Mort's Musings LOVES American Idol. So much so that his blog is entirely dedicated to American Idol. And to annoy him, I call it American Idle, which I think is more appropriate anyway.

This year, Morty had his heart set on Siobhan Magnus. I don't know why. Well, I do. He likes freaky girls. And this freaky chick fits the freaky bill. And of course he's blinded by this and cannot give an unbiased opinion of her singing inabilities.

So because I like to pick on him (as do many others - and only because we like him!), we have intentionally been butchering her name. Say-oh-ban. Say-oh-bahn. Say-eh-pon. She says it's pronounced "Sha'vahn." Whatever. A "B" makes the Buh sound.

So yesterday she was kicked off of the show because enough Americans finally decided that there wasn't anyone who was worse on the show. And Morty is distraught.

However, to ease his pain I have decided to offer this free idea. Sung to the tune of She Bangs, by Ricky Martin, but made popular by former American Idol contestant Will Hung:

Shio-Bhan! Shio-Bahn!
When she sings, she sings.
Mort goes crazy.
Cause she looks like a freak,
but she shrieks like a train,
In my ears she causes a pain,
She's gone! Shio-bhan!

And I am offering this free to the public. But I will accept donations.

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