Sunday, April 18, 2010

Netflix for Your Wii

If you have Netflix, you already know how great this service is. If you have the one movie at a time plan, you can get up to 8 movies per month for only $8.99 per month. WAY better than Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. Sure, you can get movies from RedBox for only $1 plus 6% tax in Maryland, but you have to choose the movies that are available in the box. Quite a limited selection at that.

Netflix recently released wireless Netflix OnDemand access for the PS3. Now it's time to get it on the Wii.

We got our Wii Netflix disc on Tuesday. I wasn't sure what I needed to do. I read the instructions and it indicated that I could get an Ethernet cable and connect it from the modem to the Wii console and purchase a Wii adapter for $24, or I could get a wireless router and connect via an Ethernet cable to the cable modem for about $50.

I figured with 3 kids I'll eventually need to get some laptop computers, so why not get the wireless router. I purchased one at Best Buy on tax day, and hooked it up on Friday.

Wow! This is awesome. I filled up my queue with dozens of classic films and children's movies, in addition to documentaries for everyone.

I'm kind of a scatterbug when it comes to watching movies. I never seem to have a block of 2 hours to watch an entire movie. And my kids eject my movies and insert their Scooby Doo's and Barney's, thus leaving me to try and remember the time counter of where I paused the movie. Not anymore! I can have dozens of movies playing at a time on Netflix and all paused at different times. Now I can go back and play these movies whenever I want.

Now there are not many new movies, but that's fine. I love to watch all kinds of movies and there's plenty from which to choose - including T.V. shows. Movies from the library? I don't think I really need those anymore. Welcome to my new fascination.


mdduckman said...

Good to hear you didn't have any difficulties hooking up the Wireless Router...enjoy!!

Charm City Kim said...

Once we got the Netflix disc for our PS3, I filled it with a ton of documentaries... and Fraggle Rock.

Eludius said...

We watched Fraggle Rock, too!

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