Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Maryland State Senate District 5 - Up For Grabs

Maryland State Senator Larry Haines has announced that he will not seek reelection in November. The 79 year old Republican will retire after spending 20 years on the job, more than enough time for any elected official to be in one office. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Nonetheless, this opens up the possibility for several local politicians to move up from the House into the State Senate or we may possibly see a non-General Assembly elected official jump at the opportunity.

State Senate District 5 encompasses Northeastern Carroll County and Northern Baltimore County. On the House of Delegates side, this includes 5A district members Tanya Thornton Shewell. She replaced Carmen Amedori in 2004 when Governor Ehrlich appointed Amedori to the Parole Commission. Shewell is a fairly quiet district member with nothing that I can find of note about her.

Speaking of Amedori, she has announced that she will seek the U.S. Senate seat of incumbent Barbara Mikulski. Despite Mikulski's liberal extremist views and her millions of votes against common sense legislation, I think the brain-washed populace will reelect her merely because they remember her name. I think Amedori would be better suited in the State Senate seat.

The other 5A delegate is 75 year old Nancy R. Stocksdale. Though more vocal than Shewell, with all due respect, I think voters may be hesitant to vote for someone who is 75 to fill a newly opened State Senate seat.

In district 5B in Northern Baltimore County, Wade Kach has been wading the House of Delegates for years. He's a former Baltimore County school teacher and must be fairly well liked as he's won by solid margins or unopposed in the last several elections. He's a solid Republican and I think he would be a solid candidate (should Amedori not change her plans and seek the State Senate seat).

There are a couple of wild cards (and depending if they live in the right area - I'm not sure if they do or do not). One would be Dean Minnich, one of the Carroll County Commissioners who I think lives in Westminster. I've met Mr. Minnich and I was not impressed. He seemed to like his job too much and not be too concerned with his constituents.

Another Carroll County Commissioner is Julia Gouge who lives in Hampstead. She's been on the Commission off and on since 1986. I think that's her comfort zone and she has no aspirations to seek higher office. But you never know. However, she's often been accused of being a DINO.

And finally in Baltimore County there's Baltimore County Councilman T. Bryan McIntire in District 3, the lone Republican on Baltimore County Council. Mr. McIntire has been practicing law for 52 years (you'd think after 52 years you wouldn't have to practice any more - you could just do it). I do not suppose he has any interest at this point in his career.

So who do you think would be suited for the job?

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