Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Republican Convention

So, the Democrats have their convention and all went well. Shallow speeches of non-specific change permeated the air of the convention center in Denver. Promises were made to not continuing the status quo, as every political party has done since the beginning of elections. This time it's different. Sure. We believe you. And in the streets of Denver? Calm. Quiet. Some enthusiasm. It was a great event for the Democrats.

Now on to Minneapolis-St.Paul. (the convention is actually in St. Paul, not Minneapolis) The Republicans have gathered under the ominous cloud of Hurricane Gustav and is threatens Louisiana. This time New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is not promising space ships to come rescue everyone. He actually told residents to get the hell out of the city so that he could do the looting himself. (He didn't really say this.)

Outside of the convention, rowdy protesters gather in force. People are yelling, "Anarchy rules!" Obviously these are clueless people. Can we call them Oxymorons?

Some are dressed in costumes and many are disobeying police orders. One person even claims to have seen Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley running around in a cat costume flinging bottles and screaming, "Save our alabaster cities!" Onlookers turned to each other asking, "What's an alabaster city?"

The protesting is allowed on the sidewalks, but they are instructed to stay out of the streets. Of course they storm the streets and the police are forced to use tear gas and percussion grenades and people are arrested. Still, a fire was started. Windows were smashed. And tires were punctured. Did they make their point? Probably not. Only a dozen or so have been arrested since the convention started, a great show of restraint by the police.

And at 98 Rock, the very liberal rock radio station here in Baltimore, there were calls by some staff to start a fight with the police if they police start pushing the protesters around. The morning show continues to embarrass us.

Now why is it that conservatives can maintain dignity and respectability during the Democratic Convention, yet the loony liberals come out in droves and threaten to storm the convention and raise general havoc through the streets of Minneapolis-St. Paul? Are they just looking for an excuse to raise hell? I fully expect to see footage of the events on America's Funniest Home Videos.


s_baghaii said...
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s_baghaii said...

I have friends in Denver. Here is your dignity at the DNC. Oh wait.

Look, they are marching in the street and no one seems to be freaking out. Why is that? Are the citizens of Colorado just more mellow, or do you think these guys had a parade permit?

Eludius said...

Interesting. I don't recall the mainstream media nor Fox reporting this. I guess it was more about Obama than the people.

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