Monday, September 15, 2008

Bob And Tom???

So if you like listening to the morning show on the radio, especially on 100.7 The Bay, you have certainly been disappointed. What was once Chris Emry and Michael Filapelli, they axed Emry and we were left with the "not quite as funny, but certainly enthusiastic" Filapelli and the "I'm trying my hardest to be funny, but I lack a large vocabulary and general understanding of my surroundings" Meredith Marx. Now the station has switched over to Bob and Tom.

Who are Bob and Tom? They are a syndicated talk show (no music) out of Indianapolis. Yes, that's Indianapolis, the city that stole the Baltimore Colts. Yes, the hypocrisy, I realize that, but this isn't your blog, so shut-up. So Bob and Tom are these 2 old guys, probably in their mid 50's, I think. They're really old. Super old. Their website said they've been together for 30 years. You know that's old. But I think they're trying to pass themselves off as "hip-old".

What are they like? Think Steve Rouse, but even less funny. Think not funny at all. However, they think they're funny. They think they're hysterical. Listen for 5 minutes and you'll hear their smoker-laughs running constantly. I can only imagine that there's an oxygen tank in the studio so that they can catch their breath from laughing at each other.

And there's some un-funny old chick cackling at herself, too. And she contributes sweet nothings. Mostly nothings. Maybe salty nothings. What I'm trying to say is she ain't funny. And when they pretend to be callers to the show, yeah, those aren't funny either. In fact, they are so not so funny that they make Rush Limbaugh seem like Mitch Hedburg.

I can't stand this anymore. I can only get 3 stations at work - WBJC, the classical music station, Jack FM, which is fine except that every other song is some crap like, "Lady In Red" or "Bad Boys" by Gloria Estafan and the Miami Sound Machine. Needless to say, my iPod is getting quite a workout lately.

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