Monday, August 04, 2008


A coworker whose addicted to all things not work-related has been bugging me to get on Facebook. He spends at least 7 hours of the 5 hours he's actually at work chugging away adding photos, pinging people from his first grade class, and writing on the wall. Another coworker has tempted me, as well. She spends most of her hours when the boss is away playing this word game and she has a really high score. So no one can challenge me to a word game and think that they'll get away with it.

So I signed up for Facebook, picked out some quick friends, found the game and played it. And Played it. For hours. And Hours. AND HOURS. Okay, her score was 39,000 and some odd points. My best score? 9500. How in the H-E-double hockey stick did she get to 39,000 points? I sent her a message and she said that she just goes for the longer words and moves on. If I could get the longer words, I'm sure that I'd have a higher score, too!

Here's how you play. You're given letters, such as E I S T L E S. The game gives you lines for each of the possible words. It starts off easy enough. SIT SET LESS LIST TIE TIES LISTS SITS SETS But then time expires and it shows you the remaining words that you did not get. LES. What's a LES? And the big word? It's always something like ESTILES. What the hell is an ESTILES? (perhaps I suffer from estile dysfunction) So I have succumb to making up words to see if they are really words. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. No - TLESSEI is not a word. Damn it!!!

Additionally, I was sent several applications that I MUST download. One is titled How Hot Are You? It gives you 2 pictures of Facebook members and it lets you rate which ones hotter. It's amazing how many ugly people are on Facebook. And to all those teenage wannabees out there - that "look in my drunk and sexy eyes" look does nothing for you. Now, the only problem with this game is that it allows you to be rated against other people. This doesn't sound to bad, but it shows you the picture of the person rating you. Why are so many guys rating my picture against other guys? I feel like I've been violated. Furthermore, I'm losing! I'm not as sexy as Marco in Tampa, Javier in Brownsville Station, and I even lost to Bruce, the purple-haired freak with black lipstick in Lansing, Michigan. How depressing! Even gay guys think I'm not hot.

And since I opened up my profile several college and high school friends have pinged me to re-become their friends. And a couple of former coworkers are on there, too. Not a bad way to stay in touch. We'll see how it works. I don't plan on using all of my work time on this site. There's too much Wikipedia to do. (I added photos of Overlea High School, but my original objective yesterday was to add photos of Fallston High School, pictures that I cannot find along with my pictures of Ralph Nader.)

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