Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Moving Forward By Going In Reverse

After the first day of the Special Session called by Prince O'Malley, it is becoming clear to our glorious leader that his "consensus" is not all in agreement. Now that he may not get his ways, he's threatening to not give the 85% of the hard working middle class that cut in property taxes that he was using as a sales-pitch. "How dare you not agree with me! I'll take away your property tax cuts!!!"

To make matters worse, he's also threatening to close our police stations and parks. Now our children will have to play with illegal guns on busy interstates.

Additionally, the property-tax cut is now going to be tied to the slots bill. First the Teflon Leprechaun didn't want slots in our state because Governor Ehrlich wanted them. Now O'Malley wants them in Ocean City at Ocean Downs, the ocean-side family-oriented destination for millions of people.

Now, I'm not against slots, but I do believe that they bring in a seedier side of society. Look at Las Vegas and Atlantic City. They make TV crime shows about those places, because that's where the crime is. They don't make crime shows about Charlotte and Denver for that very same reason.

If slots is potentially going to bring in more criminals, let's put them where there is already a concentration of criminals - Baltimore City!!! And there's plenty of facilities in Baltimore City that aren't being used that could be converted into casinos - Dunbar High School, Walbrook High School, Patterson High School, etc...

Fortunately for the educated class, we can see right through his foggy rhetoric. Unfortunately for those living in Baltimore, none of this makes any sense, but they're in favor of it anyway. Per O'Malley's regressive tax plan, Maryland will not start moving forward again until his tax plans start moving us in reverse.

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