Friday, January 01, 2016

O'Malley Ineligible for Ohio

Sorry it's been so long since I've written.  Life.  It happens.

Martin O'Malley has been trudging around Iowa and New Hampshire for the past year or so speaking to dozens of people at a time.  Meanwhile, Grandma Hillary Clinton and Crazy Hair Bernie Sanders are speaking to thousands of followers.  I'm not sure how O'Malley is even still in the race.  I'm sure he has hundreds of dollars left in the bank to finance his campaign.

The former Maryland governor's anti-fans got the best news yesterday.  Martin O'Malley failed to qualify to be on the ballot for the primary in Ohio.  Ohio law requires the submission of 1,000 signatures to be included.  O'Malley submitted 1,175 signatures, but the Buckeyes rejected 403 of those signatures, leaving him with 772, far too few to be on the ballot.

O'Malley's spokesperson is saying that they are exploring their options.  In political speak this usually means that they are trying to how to bow out of the race with dignity, but I suspect that is a trait that eludes our former tyrant.

As most people are saying, at this point, Martin O'Malley isn't really running for President.  He's running a public awareness campaign, perhaps for a cabinet post.  He certainly won't be selected for a running mate for Vice President.  What would that accomplish?  The Democrats would carry Maryland?  The Democrats would carry Maryland with a bigot like Rahm Emanuel on the ticket.

The good new, for O'Malley at least, is that he has already qualified to be on the ballot for 18 or 19 other states.  I'd say that's bad news for us, but he's not going to be president, so it will be nice to see him squirm for the second half of the year.

Here's to another year of Martin O'Malley not being in office!

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