Monday, January 04, 2016

Coming to Eldersburg - Super Discount Grocery Store Lidl

As if Eldersburg didn't have enough grocery stores, the German super discount chain Lidl's announced they want to build a store similar to Aldi's right in our back yard.

You can read about it right here:

At present, we have Food Lion, Super Wal-Mart, Shopper's, Safeway, and Martin's.  I think per capital, we may already have the highest grocery store to person rate.

The addition of another store that targets the low-income crowd will certainly make times even more difficult for stores in Eldersburg.  Why would the Carroll County Zoning Commission want to perpetuate urban sprawl and create unfavorable economic conditions for existing businesses?

And why do we need a Lidl's in Eldersburg?  This type of store certainly does not meet the economic demographcis of Eldersburg's upwardly mobile, commuting, two-income families.  I suspect they wanted to put this store in Randallstown, but couldn't find a place suitable for them.

Eldersburg - the next Randallstown.  That just doesn't sound like a selling point to me.


Bloomer said...

Also coming to the old CVS-Dollar tree...

Shawn l said...

I have heard a rumor that shoppers will be closing once their lease is up, i actually heard it months ago from someone that works at the shoppers in Wesminster. And wow, I thought you died or hadn't seen an update here for ages.

Scott Sanzone said...

Please call me at 410-302-9899.

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