Saturday, May 11, 2013

New to Eldersburg - Oscar's Alehouse

Oscar's Alehouse is now open in the Eldersburg Plaza in Eldersburg.  Oscar's is the latest attempt to capture that small, unique beer drinking and pub dining experience.  Oscar's replaces the former Cobblestone Tavern and Grille that lasted for a while, at least longer than Meiklejohn's and The Chop House.  

I went to the website that is posted on the sign, as seen in the picture here, but it loads a non-descript page that says that something cool is coming soon.  I would think that you'd have your website up and running before you advertise it.  Hopefully they manage their restaurant better than they run their website.

I checked the web for reviews.  One review was very favorable.  The other said they got carry-out and there was black stuff all over the bread that tasted chemically.  One of my friends went there and said it wasn't too bad.

I'll eventually make it there and let you know what I think.  Have you been there yet?  What do you think?

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Drew Morgan aka Brewtime said...

As long as they do not hire the same staff from the last two occupants of that space they should do ok. I have not been there yet and like you will wait a few weeks before I do.

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