Saturday, May 11, 2013

Closing in Eldersburg - Dollar General

I just felt like saying it.  The Dollar General is closing!  It feels good.  Occupying what was at one time one of at least two Rite Aid's Eldersburg, Dollar General moved in during the great exodus from the Carrolltown Center.

It's a thorn in our side.  I've been in there.  Once.  And it smelled TERRIBLE!

With the upcoming demolition this fall of the Carrolltown Center to make room for the new Eldersburg Commons, which will be anchored by Super Wal-Mart, everything currently in the building will close.  Or perhaps relocate.  I hope in Dollar General's case it just closes.  But I could totally see it reopening in the former Little Professor site at Liberty Station.  I have no rumors to support this.  I'm only speculating.

Will you be sad to to see Dollar General leaving?  Do you know if it is relocating?

Eldersburg Dollar General
Former Little Professor at Liberty Station

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