Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Does Martin O'Malley Hate Air Traffic Controllers?

Everyone has been talking about the sequestration and the doom and gloom that are certain to follow when the federal budget is cut.  It seems that according to Democrats, babies will starve, criminals will not be freed from prison, and old people will be kicked out of retirement homes and forced to live on worms and Funyuns.  Republicans, on the other hand, say that cutting the military's budget will result in the Chinese marching across the mid-west and taking all of our guns from us, and forcing us to buy all Chinese-made products   Oh, wait.  All of our products are already made in China.  And this reminds me of the joke my daughter told me: if God made everything, then he must be Chinese.

What are we to believe?

What we really should be concerned about is that fact that sequestration is shutting down air traffic control towers all across the country.  Towers in Maryland that are closing include Glenn L. Martin Airport in Essex, Easton Newnam Field in Easton, Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport, Frederick Municipal Airport, and Hagerstown Regional Richard A. Henson Field.  If I'm not mistaken, the only airports left with control towers are BWI, Naval Air Station Patuxant River, and Andrews Air Force Base.

I'm not a fan of closing air control towers. This HAS to make our skies less safe, right?  There's no one to guide take-offs and landings.  The first plane or helicopter accident will result in a massive outcry and a demanding of someone's head.  So I got to wondering, 'who is going to stand up against evil government and keep the airways in Maryland safe?'  Our magnanimous governor Martin O'Malley, right?!!!

I did a quick Google search to find articles about him speaking out against the closing of the air traffic control towers in his state.  Guess how many articles I found?  ZERO.  Check it out here.  Why does Martin O'Malley not care about safe air travel?  Why does he not care that these important and hard working people in his state are going to lose their jobs?  Why is he at least not making a nominal protest to be
on record?  The only conclusion that I can determine is that Martin O'Malley hates air traffic controllers.

What do you think?

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