Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Anita Riley - Out of Touch With Carroll County

Former Democratic candidate for House of Delegates Anita Riley is what they call a whackadoodle.  If ever there has been someone who is out of touch with local politics, it is Anita Riley.

In a letter to the editor to the Eldersburg\Sykesville Advocate, she pens a editorial titled A Tradition of Getting Nothing.  It is no secret that South Carroll is overwhelmingly Republican.  As people get older and have kids, they tend to become Republican.  Have you ever heard the saying, "If you're Republican and you're under 30, you have no heart.  If you're a Democrat and you're over 30, then you have no brain"?  Carroll County tends to be God-loving middle class families over 30 with children.  They tend to be Republican.  No anecdotal evidence to the contrary, please.

Candidate Riley reminds readers that the 2013 Maryland legislative session has ended and the net result is that the local politicians, all Republicans, brought home no money to their constituents.  I find it sad that some people measure the success of our politicians by the amount of money they bring home to their district.  What are they, pirates???

Candidate Riley then states the following:

What party do they represent? What party dominates the Maryland state government? Gee, I cannot image for one second why they continue to bring back the same old nothing from Annapolis all these past many years. I don’t know about you, but I’d really like to see something for my tax dollars once in a while.

We'll ignore the fact that Candidate Riley, who commanded a paltry 26% of the vote in 2010 against Delegate Susan Krebs, made comments are that condescending and snarky.  What does Candidate Riley want for her tax dollars?  A prison?  A drug-rehabilitation center?  A senior center?  We have one of those.  How about an arena to lure an NBA team. The Eldersburg Raptors.  I can hear it now.

Candidate Riley then invites us to call her a crazy butt.

" You can call me crazy, but..."

Candidate Riley - you are crazy.  The rest of her comment is as follows:

"You can call me crazy, but when you continually send an R down to Annapolis to do a D’s job, you get what you wish for –- year after year -- nothing."

Obviously Candidate Riley never wants to be elected in Maryland for any office.  You send a Republican to do a Democrat's job???  What they heck is that all about?  She suggests that we elect Democrats instead of Republicans if we want to bring more tax dollars back from Annapolis.

It is true that Annapolis has no love for South Carroll.  Why else would they try to bust up the Congressional districts in our area in addition to that of Western Maryland?  But for her to suggest that we elect Democrats is preposterous.  We elect people that represent our beliefs and ideals, whether we think the rest of the elected officials agree with us or not.  We're not going to elect someone who wants to raise taxes, tax our rain, allow illegal immigrants to attend our colleges with in-state tuition and obtain valid drivers' licenses.  We don't want representatives who will bend over backwards to silence the vote of 35% of Marylanders because they belong to the wrong political party.

Candidate Riley may be frustrated, but she lives in Carroll County, not Montgomery County.  If she wants to find an elected office, she may want to move to an area where the residents share her political beliefs.  But she has no business telling us how we need to vote.

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