Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy President's Day!

In honor of President's Day, I decided to show Presidential places that I've visited.  I also want to thank the Presidents for giving me an extra day off before I go back to work.  Getting over this jetlag has not been easy.

There's the William McKinley statue at the McKinley Presidential Library in Canton, Ohio, nearly across the highway from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Everyone's favorite presidential house, Monticello.  That would be Thomas Jefferson's house.

The first President of the United States of America, George Washington, resided here in Mount Vernon, Virginia, just outside of his namesake, Washington, D.C.

I haven't been to Illinois, where Abraham Lincoln was a statesman, or to Kentucky where he was born, but I have been to the Lincoln Memorial.  I've also been to Ford Theater and the house across the street where he died, but the Memorial is much more interesting.

Right up the road in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the house where James Buchanan lived.

On my trip to Indiana, I visited the house where Benjamin Harrison lived, which was on a busy street in a not so nice area of Indianapolis, Indiana.

I tried to find where President Obama lived in O'ahu, but I could find nothing.  It's like he actually never lived there at all.  Hmmmm......

What Presidential places have you visited?

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