Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moved in Eldersburg: Weichert Realtors

As stated in my previous post, the former Cuts and former BDG Entrepreneurial Services location is now occupied by Weichert Realtors Property Concepts. I'm not sure what the 'property concepts' means. Perhaps they're helping to determine alternate uses for your properties. It's always good to "think outside the cliché".

There are a lot of properties that have closed in Eldersburg in the last year. If you follow this blog you see a lot of evidence of this. So it's nice to see some of the closed properties being occupied. I just hope they have an open order for a new sign because the one they have isn't very good. And it doesn't look very permanent.

Weichert is a national chain and I'm pretty sure that they were somewhere else in Eldersburg. If you know, please tell me. I'm curiously stupid like that.

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