Thursday, June 04, 2015

If You're Going to Steal.....

I came across an article on the Baltimore Sun mentioning the large white oak tree in Eldersburg that fell in the storm on Sunday.  Then I realized something amazing - the photos used by Sun reporter Michel Elben are actually MY PHOTOS!!!!

Here is the article on The Sun with MY photos:

I looked at the caption and someone else was credited with submitting them.  Look - if you're going to use my pictures, at least give me credit.

I know that if I was to use The Sun's photos without attribution, they'd come after me.  We all know it's not a level playing field.  I demand justice be served!  And by justice, I want them to post a link to my blog and a bag of Doritos!


Kent Allard said...
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Unknown said...

Miss this blog... come back!

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