Thursday, November 06, 2014

Martin O'Malley - What's Next?

In the wake of the 2014 election, many are wondering what is going to happen next with Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley.  Republican Larry Hogan defeated heir apparent Anthony Brown, the current Lt. Governor.  Now that O'Malley is a true lame duck, what next?

It was thought by many that O'Malley was building a new Democratic machine that would promote the policies he established and continue Maryland down his road of liberal ideology for many generations to come.  Anthony Brown has been his puppet-in-training for many years and he would continue without missing a beat, through with fewer strings.  Then Ken Ulman would follow after that.  However, Marylanders solidly rejected another 4 years of higher taxes, anti-Constitution, and anti-business climate.  And did you know that no Lt. Governor in Maryland has ever been elected as Governor?  It's true!

Martin O'Malley being a dork.

Martin O'Malley was going to run for President. Heck, he may still run, but he's got his problems.  He repeatedly comes in 5th places in name recognition polls for candidates for the Democrat ticker.  He's been selling himself as the sole leader that can ambiguously move everything forward. Remember when he made an ass of himself at the 2012 Democratic National Convention?  "Move...?" and the crowd was supposed to yell, "Forward!", but most of them had no idea where he was going with that. The Maryland delegation tried to lead the chant, but it was so awkward that it eventually petered out.

Now, how can O'Malley sell his celebrity and success if his successor couldn't even get elected?  "Hi, I'm the guy whose policies were rejected by the electorate and the guy who was going to continue my legacy is now unemployed."  That's not a great campaign slogan.

And the best part is, the Presidential election is in 2016.  O'Malley is out of Annapolis in January of 2015.  He'd have to run for President as a civilian, though at this point, so would Hillary Clinton.  But that's another point - what Democrat would vote for O'Malley when they could vote for another Clinton?  What's Marty going to do between now and then?  Campaign?  He can't do it on the Maryland tax-payer's dime anymore.  That's right - all those trips he's been taking - you and I paid for those.  Will he get a no-show job that can fund him for a year and a half so he can prance around Iowa and New Hampshire at every backyard barbecue and Democratic award ceremony?

And the most important question of all - what happens if O'Malley fades off into oblivion?  Will I be forced to shut down this blog and start a new one?  I'd be more than happy to do that!

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