Friday, June 28, 2013

Carl Stokes Hates Baltimore City Police?

Failed mayoral candidate and current Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes ain't getting much respect from law enforcement these days.  As I mentioned previously, Baltimore is in the midst of one of the most puzzling crime-sprees since the riots of 1968.  To make matters worse, Carl Stokes implied that part of the reason for the increase in crime are the corrupt police.

I have no idea if there is corruption in the police department.  If I had to base my opinion on The Wire, then the Baltimore City Police department is rampant with corruption.  But The Wire was fiction, right?  Or was it?

Unless what he said is true, his statement does him no favors.  I would think that politicians in Baltimore, or any city for that matter, of any persuasion need the support and endorsements of the police.  But Stokes has always been a "ready, shoot, aim" kind of guy.  He'll never climb higher on the political ladder than City Councilman.  And at this point, I think he'd be lucky to keep that title after the next election.

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